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Promises Less, Delivers More.

We are a company staffed with professionals with years of combined experience in the internet industry, Hexis Internet is focused on bringing rural Wisconsin into the 21st century. Hexis Internet is the only choice for cost effective reliable high speed broadband in rural Wisconsin.

Need Performance?

Hexis Internet provides insanely fast internet at a fraction of the price of most providers.

Excellent Support

Our intuitive support model provides the exact level of support you need - nothing more, and nothing less.

Ala Cart Offerings

Need some other services to work with your High Speed Internet?

Surf faster with
Hexis Internet

No Gimmicks.
No data caps.
No BS!

As a leading provider of high-speed Internet services, Hexis offers the speed you need with the reliability you deserve. All internet plans include: No Gimmicks. No data caps. No BS!

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Our base package

Our base package of 50MB/s is over 8 times faster than ATT and has more upload capacity than leading cable providers. It is also our most popular speed. Perfect for most any Internet user, whether you are downloading movies, music or just surfing the Web.

Remote Locations

Don’t have access to Cable, DSL or Fiber and Satellite service is too slow and costly? We can help! Contact us today.

We Understand..

We understand that “one size fits all" isn’t always true. We also understand that you may also need more than just basic internet. So, we have come up with an option to build your own custom tier policy, and let you select the service level you need.